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Canada Qualified Lawyer, Partner of InterAsia Law Group

The clients have been very satisfied and happy about TIm's services in each case we assigned to him. Tim is truly an outstanding lawyer. It has been very pleasant to work with him, and I’m confident that it would continue to be so.

Patrick Andero

Consul adjoint, chef de chancellerie, Consulat général de France


It’s our duty to provide whatever help in our power for French citizens, Mr. Bao has been doing a great work in providing legal serivices for our citizens in China. 


Germany Qualified Lawyer and Tax Consultant


I am confident to make recommendation upon his professional achievements. And I found him a highly skilled lawyer basic on the excellent performance he had showed in related areas of legal profession.

Vincent FAU

Head of Global Supplier Operations, Make It Real

J’ai été impressionné par son immense capacité de travail, et par le fait que l’on peut compter sur lui en toute circonstance. Monsieur Bao est également méticuleux dans les détails, et il sait proposer les meilleures solutions en fonction des situations.  Monsieur Bao a également d’excellentes qualités relationnelles, et sans aucun doute une aptitude prononcée à la communication. 

Our Services

Transnational Divorce

There are many different issues arising on divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships, expecially if you are part of an transnational family with conection to China. That's when you need a Chinese lawyer on your side.

Civil Litigation

Whatever the issue, no matter the stakes, we’ll work with you to find the right solution. Sometimes that means offering creative and thoughtful advice; sometimes that means zealously defending your interests in court. Whatever the case, we’re here for you.


Corporate & Commercial

Corporate & commercial law includes all laws and regulations governing the formation and operation of business entities and the conduct of commercial transactions. We can assist you in creating, operating, changing and dissolving any type of business entity and in participating in any type of commercial transaction.

Intellectual Property

Modern technology has helped businesses to increase the rate at which they develop and commercialize their innovations. At the same time, it has also made it possible for competitors to engage in acts of unfair competition on an unprecedented scale. Every business, from a manufacturer of heavy industrial equipment to a designer of mobile applications, generates valuable intellectual property (IP) that requires protection in an increasingly competitive global marketplace, especially China.



The Chinese lawyer on your side

With his oversea experiences and globle prospective, Timothy Bao have been specialized in providing legal services for English-speaking clients. He has a wide array of experience and has handled hundreds of cases. If you are in need of a lawyer in China, Timothy would be a excellent option.

“China is a communist country with East Aisan cultrue, quite apart from complicated legal matters, it’s difficult enough for my western clients deal with daily issues here. That’s why I decided to focus on providing my services for English-speaking clients.” Said Timothy.  

Due to his professional skill and extraordinary ability to develop strong relationships with people and really understand them, he has obtained favorable settlements and judgments for clients from all walks of life. Some of his clients are entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, doctors, teachers, and other high net worth individuals who work, live or have business in China.

Over many years he has developed systems and strategies to help western clients. His Expedited Service is well recognized by the clients, and brought him an outstanding reputation for “profession, efficiency, diligency, and results”

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