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How to get divroce in China

There are only two possilbe options to get divorce in China,


Divorce by agreement. Such procedure can only applies if

(1) marriage were registered in China;

(2) both parties can reach an agreement upon the issue related to resolution of the marriage, property, child custody, vistation, maintenance, debt, etc.

Divorce by litigation. A standard procedure would happen as follows,

(1) The plaintiff submit the complaint to the Peoples court;

(2) Service;

(3) The Peoples court summon both parties to attend the trial;

(4) Judgement would be finally made if no settlement can be reached.


It looks simple, but there are challenges hiden, the service, the investigation of adultery or concealment of property, jurisdictional dispute, custody dispute, etc. Its possilbe the procdure becomes far more complicated than the standard way. 

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